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UK Chat Rooms FAQ

Welcome to the UK chat rooms FAQ section. We have carefully compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions that our UK chat room users send to us. Hopefully one of these will be able to provide you with answers you are looking for. Using the free UK chat rooms FAQ will mean you get an instant resolution to your issue, so make sure you read through these thoroughly before sending through any questions. Of course if there are any questions that you may have that aren’t covered below, we are more than happy to help you as quickly as we can if you contact us directly using our form.

To ignore someone in chat click on their nickname in the user list and select ignore. Once you have ignored someone in chat their messages will no longer be shown to you and any private messages will be ignored.
It is not possible to register a nickname in chat. Nicknames are provided on a first come first served basis.
Adobe Flash Player is not required to use the chat rooms. The chat rooms are built using HTML5 and work on computers, mobiles and tablets.